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Clifton Pedigree JerseysClifton Pedigree JerseysClifton Pedigree Jerseys

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Abbott Lodge is a 230 acre tenanted farm on the Lowther Estate. We moved here in February 2000 with 120 Black & White cattle, after extensive work as the farm was in a dilapidated state. February 2001 saw the outbreak of foot and mouth and our herd was slaughtered on 5th May, which forced a change of direction following an honest appraisal of the farm’s good and bad points.

In February 2002 the Clifton Herd of Jersey cattle was formed with the purchase of the entire Ventonwyn Herd of Richard & Christine Tonks and additional heifers from the Farlam and Tarn Herds of Arnold & Mary Thompson and John & Caroline Elliot.

Cow numbers have been increased through limited culling, retaining heifers and selective purchases at dispersal sales. In 2005 a review of the farming side of the business saw us commit to expansion, building a new cubicle shed and increasing cow numbers to 200 by the end of 2006 (including the purchase of 22 cows from J & E Dickinson’s Holmfirth Herd), getting to 230 by end of 2007 and 250 by 2008. We aim to retain all homebred heifers to achieve this. The herd is now in the top 50 of MDC evaluations.

Showing is an important part in marketing our top cows and we attend most of the major shows with some considerable success.

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